House Washing

Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime

We provide house soft washing services in Lampasas, Killeen and the Central Texas Hill Country area

Tired of seeing bug nests and spider webs all over the exterior of your home? APW-Services has a solution. We provide house washing services in Lampasas, Killeen, TX and the entire Central Texas Hill Country area. We'll prep the area by making sure outlets and your doorbell is covered. Then, we'll wash the house with a powerful solution that tackles dirt and grime. After the solution settles, we'll rinse the house completely. Depend on us for routine house soft washing services.


If your home is covered in dirt, mold, mildew, and grime, it is time to let us come give it a good house wash. A clean home can increase your home's property value and curb appeal!

Many homeowners don't realize that if you pressure wash the exterior of your home, you may be causing considerable damage and don't even realize it. It is best to let a hired professional come and do a softwash on you home. When using the proper equipment, it is the safest method of cleaning for all exterior surfaces.

Our softwash system we use is very low pressure, about as much as garden hose. The specialized cleaning solution we use does all the work in removing dirt and organic growth from the exterior of your home. It is safe to use around plants and your landscaping. This service can include cleaning the siding, shutters, trim, the exterior of gutters, and a basic wash of any porches.

3 Signs You Need To Soft Wash Your Home

Want to impress guests when they visit your home? Don’t wait around wishing that the rain will wash away dirt from your home’s exterior. Turn to us for house soft washing services. Here are three signs you need to call us:

1. Your house is stained
2. Dirt is ruining your siding
3. Webs are covering your home

Need house washing services now? Call us immediately.