Roof Washing

We'll Wash Away Stubborn Dirt on Your Roof

Turn to us when you need roof washing services in Lampasas, Killeen and the Central Texas Hill Country area

If your roof is covered in leaves and dirt, reach out to our roof washing experts. APW-Services offers roof soft washing services in Lampasas, Killeen, TX and the entire Central Texas Hill Country area. Roofs require special care, and to ensure the shingles stay put while we clear out debris, we use a soft washing method to avoid damage.

We'll use a low-pressure sprayer to rinse off the dirt from your roof. This will ensure webs, nests and insects are washed away without damaging the roof itself. We recommend getting your roof washed at least once a year. Discover how our soft washing services can improve the overall appearance of your home.


It is estimated that 70% of homeowners re-roof their home way too early? Let us save you thousands of dollars by softwashing your roof for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Think about it for a minute. Your roof was designed to last 25-30 years (asphalt shingles). Why would you re-roof before it is needed and waste all that money?

Our tried and true process will only add value to your property without damage to your plant life. We use an industry proven solution to gently remove roof stains, moss, lichen, and other organisms that thrive on your roof. Our softwash system is specifically designed to be under 100 PSI. The softwash process relies on the cleaning solution to do the work, not high pressure.

The benefits of washing your roof

Roof washing is essential to get rid of built-up dirt. We recommend roof soft washing because it:

Helps protect against water damage
Prevents moss and fungus growth
Extends the life of your roof

Our roof washing services are ideal for anyone who wants to boost their home’s curb appeal. Contact us today for a free estimate.